Lawyer: Dustin Robinson Presents Psychedelic Series at Ludlow House in New York

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Ludlow House, 139 Ludlow St, New York, NY, 10002
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On Monday, January 24 at 6:30 p.m., Dustin Robinson, Esq. CPA, is bringing his Psychedelic Series that takes place monthly at Soho Beach House Miami to Ludlow House in New York. Hosted by Robinson, the panel will feature Matt Emmer, vice president of healthcare practice at Field Trip Health; Jay Godfrey, co-founder of Nushama; Jonathan Stone, founder of Flow+Tell; and Myriam Barthes, co-founder and COO of Journey Clinical.

Every month, the Psychedelic Series features experts in the psychedelics space from CEOs, doctors, lawyers and celebrities. Past panelists include NBA champion Lamar Odom, Stanley Cup champion Daniel Carcillo, Psilera Bioscience CEO Chris Witowski, PhD, Silo Wellness CEO Douglas K. Gordon, and others.

Robinson is Founding Partner of Mr. Cannabis Law – a full service law firm focused on the cannabis and psychedelic industries; Co-Founder of Mr. Psychedelic Law – a non-profit focused on psychedelic legal reform; and Managing Principal of Iter Investments – a venture capital firm deploying capital across the psychedelic ecosystem. He is a leader within the psychedelic ecosystem and has been ranked by Psychedelic Invest as the Top 100 Most Influential People in Psychedelics.

Emmer is the vice president of the healthcare practice at Field Trip Health, a mental wellness company at the forefront of the scientific re-emergence of psychedelics and psychedelic-enhanced therapies. With Field Trip Health centers opening across North America, and advanced research on plant-based psychedelics through Field Trip Discovery, the company is focused on helping people and building the necessary infrastructure to support the re-emergence of psychedelics. Working with those in treatment to those seeking accelerated personal growth, Field Trip Health believe psychedelics and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy offer an accessible, evidence-based way to heal and heighten engagement with the world. Emmer is also a co-founder of the Psykia Institute, which works to advance frameworks around integrative holotropic therapies.

Godfrey is a co-founder of Nushama Psychedelic Wellness, a network of legal psychedelic wellness clinics to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, opioid addictions, alcoholism, OCD, eating disorders and other ailments of the spirit. His fascination and exploration into the therapeutic benefits of plant medicine came with the realization that three years of traditional talk therapy was insufficient to get to the root of his stress. After working with physicians, shamans, reading dozens of books and research papers, and talking with thought leaders in the psychedelic ecosystem, he felt the gravitational pull to help others in similar situations. Nushama was born out of Godfrey’s desire to partner with the most experienced physicians and business minds to create novel treatment alternatives and build the infrastructure for the future of psychedelic medicine.

Stone started what would become Flow+Tell by inviting a dozen friends to his New York City rooftop for an extended experience with live music savasana, followed by intimate dinner with themed conversation and artistic performances. Two years later, Flow+Tell has produced 100+ events and designed employee wellness programs for Google, LinkedIn, Christie’s, Pearson and more. Stone first discovered yoga and meditation during his time in business development at Google and Facebook when it helped him maintain a sense of calm and balance in his fast-paced, hectic career of airplanes and hotel rooms. He became a certified instructor in 2017 at the Yandara Yoga Institute. As a musician and sound facilitator, Stone fuses elements of throat singing, handpan and percussion into his classes and performs regularly around NYC. He strives to bring the tools and methodologies he has cultivated over the last decade to help others discover yoga’s lifelong physical, emotional and spiritual benefits.

Barthes is a mental health entrepreneur on a mission to expand access to legal and evidence-based psychedelic therapies. She is the co-founder and COO of Journey Clinical, a telehealth platform to empower independent psychotherapists to offer psychedelic therapies in their practice. Journey Clinical member clinicians receive on-demand access to a licensed ketamine prescriber, along with a complete clinical and evidence-based care model to maximize the safety and efficacy of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and enhance clinical outcomes. Barthes brings over 12 years of experience in management consulting, AI/ML, and finance (e.g. Ernst & Young, Fidelity Investments) to transform the field of mental health with psychedelic therapies.

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