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As the psychedelic renaissance gains momentum, the demand for high-quality financial reports detailing this space is greater than ever. Microdose and The Conscious Fund are excited to announce our upcoming investment grade intelligence guide to the psychedelic sector–and we need your help!

We are looking to bring a Lead Editor on board to assist us in the completion of this project. The report has already been drafted by more than a dozen expert contributors and now needs a skilled writer and editor to give it the final push over the finish line.

For those interested in applying, please view the job details and requirements below.

As the global leader in B2B psychedelic intelligence, the team at Microdose Psychedelic Insights is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of our comprehensive psychedelic industry report. This 500+ page, roughly 75k word investment grade intelligence guide includes over 10k+ industry data points and covers key insights, market data, sector fundamentals, transactions, clinicals trials and important research in the emerging psychedelic medicine space. We are also thrilled to announce MagicMed Industries will be fulfilling our Elite Partnership role in this production! MagicMed Industries is a novel psychedelic drug development company that intends to partner with pharmaceutical and other companies to develop psychedelic-derived medicinal and licit consumer products.

Job Details & Requirements


  • Ensure the report flows, and is clear and readable
  • Ensure a consistent voice is used throughout
  • Ensure that a general, non-specialist reader will get value from reading


  • Seeking a strong native English speaker with a professional writing portfolio, preferably already involved in the psychedelics industry
  • An interest or expertise in plant medicine
  • Contractor with full-time and immediate availability
  • Project is to be commenced ASAP and completed by mid to late November

To learn more about the industry report, click here!


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