Leafly Cannabis Harvest Report 2022 Says Cannabis Is Now The USA’s Sixth Largest Crop

Here’s their intro..

repare to spend far less of a percentage of your income on cannabis as legalization spreads and prices tumble.

According to the new Leafly Cannabis Harvest Report 2022 published today, cannabis prices tumbled despite a year of historic inflation. Adult-use cannabis farmers in the US grew 554 more metric tons of cannabis in 2022 than they did the year before. Still, the crop’s value fell by $1 billion. That’s because legalization makes the price of pot go down. Large-scale farming and high technology have driven wholesale prices to historic lows in Colorado this summer. Flower grams can go for $4 in Oregon.

Prices promise to fall further. In conclusion, we’re only one-fourth of the way out of prohibition, according to the report.

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