The 2022 Annual General Meeting of


will be held

at 6:00 pm on Wednesday 28 December 2022

via Zoom (online web meeting)


If you are planning to attend please REGISTER HERE. Once registered you will receive an email with the zoom link. There is no need to respond if you will not be attending.


All current members (as shown on the register at 5 pm on 27 December 2022) are eligible to attend. Voting members can appoint the chair or another voting member as your proxy.  To obtain a proxy form please email the Secretary at


AGMs are formal affairs, and only matters on the Agenda can be formally discussed and voted on. Members may raise issues to discuss in General Business but no formal motions may be put.



  1. Meeting Opening – Craig Ellis, Chairman
  2. Attendance 
  3. Minutes of Previous AGM 
  4. Chairman’s Report – Craig Ellis
  5. Secretary’s Report – Gail Hester
  6. Presentation of 2021-2022 Accounts 
  7. Election of the Management Committee (see Annexure A)
  8. General Business





Gail Hester


Legalise Cannabis NSW Incorporated




MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE.  Management Committee members are responsible for the governance and management of Legalise Cannabis NSW Incorporated. There are five elected positions on the Management Committee. The specific offices and skills required are detailed in Appendix A. Candidates for the Management Committee must be prepared to commit a significant amount of time and effort if elected.

SUBCOMMITTEES. Members may be interested in getting involved in various subcommittees including Volunteers Committee, Events Committee, and Fundraising Committee. Expressions of interest in being on these Committees can be emailed to

VOLUNTEERS. There are plenty of other ways to get involved. Let us know what interests you at THIS LINK


Election of Management Committee


All positions of the Management Committee will become vacant. Retiring officers may nominate for re-election. Management Committee positions are Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer.


Due to 2023 being an election year prospective Committee Members should be prepared to commit to a MINIMUM of 10 hours PER WEEK and also be prepared to serve on working subcommittees.


Nominations for Management Committee positions: (a) must be made using the nomination form stating which position is sought, details of skills and/or experience to fulfill the role, and (b) must be delivered to the Secretary at least 5 days before the date fixed for the AGM.


Nomination forms Contact to obtain a nomination form.  Completed nomination forms signed by the nominee and a seconder must be returned to the Secretary at no later than 5 days before the date fixed for the AGM.

All Management Committee members are responsible for the governance and management of Legalise Cannabis NSW Incorporated. Committee members are responsible for the development and oversight of strategic and campaign objectives, the identification and management of opportunities and risks and the funding of the organisation. Members of the Management Committee may also be required to sit on relevant subcommittees.


Chair / Deputy Chair
The Chair provides leadership of both the organisation and the Management Committee. Responsibilities include acting as Chairperson for all committee meetings and member meetings including AGMs, ensuring decisions are implemented, regularly reviewing the performance of the organisation and committees and acting as the spokesperson for the organisation. This senior role requires organisational and political campaigning experience. The Chair is required to act as the official Party Agent with the NSW Electoral Commission and is responsible for accurate and deadline-dependent disclosures. The position has significant legal obligations.


The Secretary is a senior office holder and together with the Chair is responsible for the smooth functioning of the organisation and the Management Committee. Responsibilities include preparation of agendas and minutes of the Management Committee, oversight of the register of members, dealing with formal correspondence to and from the organisation and oversight of the day-to-day operations of the Party. The position requires an eye for detail, experience in CRM management (Hubspot or similar) and preparedness to manage the yearly re-registration process as required by the NSW Electoral Commission.


Treasurer / Deputy Treasurer
The Treasurer manages all financial, reporting and compliance matters for the Party. Tasks include financial planning and reporting, bookkeeping, record keeping and management of the Party’s bank accounts. The role requires a high level of financial literacy.


Management Committee members should be prepared to commit to a minimum of 10 hours per week.

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