Legalise Cannabis Queensland candidate Melody Lindsay Gets Over 14% of Popular Vote In By-Election Say Party Press Release

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Melody cracks 14% in Queensland by-election

Legalise Cannabis Queensland candidate Melody Lindsay surpassed all expectations last Saturday, cracking the 14% mark in the Ipswich West by-election in Brisbane which is still being counted.

As the dust settled on Tuesday morning, Melody had topped the 14.5% mark by a handful of votes in official counting with 77% of the votes tallied. Not only has LCQ brought up its best result to date, they knocked it out of the park in some booths.

North Ipswich (18.77%), One Mile (19.54%) and Raymonds Hill (18.53%) were happy hunting grounds for our candidate, but didn’t get close to Melody’s result out of the Leichhardt booth where she is striking at 30%. In fact, she polled so well there that she has relegated overall election winner Darren Zanow (LNP) into third place.

Nigel Quinlan in the Inala by-election and Clive Brazier in the Brisbane Lord Mayoral race held their ground against a large number of competitors in both contests illustrating the broad appeal our message has in Queensland.

This result augers well for Queensland’s General Election to be held in October, and gives the federal party plenty to work with as we roll towards a federal election in just over a year’s time.

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