Libya: Ministry Of Interior seizes over 40KG of Hashish in Ajaylat

The Government of National Accord’s Ministry of Interior announced the seizer of 41KG of Hashish in Ajaylat after the arrest and interrogation of a drug dealer in the area.

The General Administration for Combating Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances conducted a thorough investigation after receiving a tip about a sizeable sale set to take place in a certain location.

The findings of the investigation lead them to a Libyan national who was apprehended in possession of 2 kg of the hashish, upon further interrogation, the man confessed to having a much larger quantity of the narcotic at his home.

A team was immediately formed and sent to his house, where a coordinated raid took place and 41KG of the dugs were seized.

Hashish is a derivative substance of cannabis or marijuana, a highly addictive narcotic often consumed by young people and considered a gateway drug to much deadlier drugs.


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