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The pioneering law firm at the heart of the UK Cannabis Industry

Mackrell Turner Garrett is unique in its expertise in the UK for advising businesses with an interest in products or services that include cannabis derivatives.

As a founding member of global legal network, Mackrell International, we are able to draw upon the knowledge of some of the world’s leading lawyers in states and countries where cannabis is currently legalised and are at the forefront of advising pioneering businesses entering the UK’s cannabis market.

Our advice is complemented with knowledge and experience from “cannabis legal” jurisdictions, such as Colorado and Nevada, where members of our Mackrell International are some of the leading advisers on drug law.

As a forward-thinking firm, we are ready to deal with a wide range of matters that may emerge from the changing national and international attitudes to this drug, ensuring businesses are able to make the most of new opportunities.

Our practice is currently one of the first law firms to join Cannabis Trades Association UK – an organisation with more than 300 certified members and 1,200 registered sellers across the country.

Our strong existing relationships with the UK and international cannabis industry puts us in a unique position to provide advice to a wide range of enterprises entering the marketplace.


Mackrell Turner Garrett Cannabis Law Blog

Robert Jappie