Lucid News Publish 2 Articles On What Happened at Synthesis


Here are the two pieces, both very detailed and I’d suggest a must read going fwd for both the private sector and government trying to understand how a program might work.

What’s evident here is that nobody can say they are anywhere near the solution/ answe yet

Mapping Synthesis Institute’s Missteps

This month, Synthesis became the first big bankruptcy of the psychedelic renaissance, and experts say it could even bring down Oregon’s struggling psilocybin program.

I’m not writing this piece as an outsider laughing at the misfortune and suffering of others. I worked for Synthesis, or at least, I gave a talk for them on the history of psychedelics which became part of their practitioner training course. I know and am friends with several people who worked at or for Synthesis, including Martijn, who I met in 2018. He’ll be in a tough place now, and I wish him well.


Synthesis Files for Bankruptcy

Synthesis Institute has imploded, with bankruptcy leaving over two-hundred current students in limbo.

The organization, which includes its Dutch retreats business and psychedelic facilitator training programs, had planned to develop a 124-acre property in Oregon. But, before its lofty Oregon plans had taken off, the company quietly reached the end of its runway.

Synthesis was seen by many as the ‘gold standard’ of future psilocybin service providers and facilitator training outfits. But, in what follows, those close to the matter paint a very different picture of the organization.



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