Mac 1 is the first Canadian cannabis product to enter the European market via the Cantourage platform

German patients can now buy high-THC, British Columbia-grown pot products at their local pharmacies.

On Tuesday, the European medical pot firm Cantourage GmbH announced a partnership with Canadian licensed producer Miracle Valley Medicinal Alternatives Inc. to start offering its Mac 1 cultivar products to German pharmacies.

Miracle Valley’s operations are based in Mission, B.C. and will send dried flower to Cantourage to process them into medical cannabis products. The Berlin-based company has a Fast Track Access platform that enables producers worldwide to become part of the German market and focuses on long-term collaborations and carries products such as dried flowers, extracts, Dronabinol and pharmaceutical-grade CBD.

Miracle Valley operates in British Columbia and cultivates small-batch cultivars for the medical industry.

The privately held company was founded in July 2013 and operates five flower rooms each with an area of over 1,000 squared feet. It says it has dedicated three years to its Mac 1 flower and conducted numerous trials resulting in a unique product.

Cantourage CEO Philip Schetter said the Mac 1 cultivar is the first Canadian medical cannabis product to enter the European market via the Cantourage platform.

“Thanks to our partnership with Cantourage, we are able to bring our high-quality medical cannabis flowers to an audience outside of Canada and provide patients in Europe with a new option for medical cannabis cultivated in Canada,” Miracle Valley CEO Scott Mayer said. 

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