Malta: Man out on bail found carrying cocaine when arrested for missed sitting

A 24-year-old man of iz-Zejtun has been rearrested upon turning up at the locality’s police station with 0.3g of cocaine in his pocket.

The man had been charged following a raids in Marsa and Hal Qormi. The police had arrested seven individuals. However, the group was out on bail after the prosecution failed to confirm whether the suspects had been given a copy of the arrest warrant.

However, the man had failed to turn up to a subsequent court sitting, leading to the court issuing an arrest warrant against him.

When he turned up to sign the bail book, the man was arrested on the spot. The police then found the cocaine during a search after he was detained.

Defence lawyer Matthew Xuereb made a request for bail, arguing that his client had abided by the orders imposed by the court. He noted that in 13 months his client had missed just one sitting.
The prosecution said it would not object as long as the court issues a supervision order.

After having heard the submissions, the court presided over by magistrate Rachel Montebello, granted the man bail against an €800 deposit and a €4,000 personal guarantee.

Inspector John Leigh Howard led the prosecution.

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