Manchester UK: Old Police Station Was Grow House !

Officers in the U.K have described their surprise after they uncovered the remains of a large cannabis farm inside an old police station.

The Greater Manchester Police Failsworth and Hollinwood department said they discovered the dismantled farm at the former Failsworth Police Station in northwest England on July 3.

Officers entered the building after believing it was insecure. They said the loft space and first floor of the old station had been used to grow more than 1,000 plants.

“It is believed the grow was ‘taxed’ the early hours of this morning where all the cannabis plants had been removed,” the department said.

Officers added whoever was in the building had left behind root balls, soil, empty pots and several light sources. Police also believe the “gardeners” had been living and sleeping inside the police station due to a number of items that were left behind.

“The building was vacated by the police six years ago as part of the cuts to the Police budget and not used by us since,” Greater Manchester Police Failsworth and Hollinwood wrote on Facebook. “It was sold at auction a short time later. The building has been privately owned ever since. It was a bit surreal though seeing the old Inspector’s office full of root balls and empty pots.”

Police said the items that were left behind and seized had been donated to a local growing hub.

Several social media users found the funny side of the situation after police posted pictures of the marijuana farm onto Facebook.

“I know you’re short on funding but this is a bit much…,” wrote Luke Schofield.

“I think this might be what they call SPECIAL BRANCH of the police force,” added Stephen Johnson.

Referencing the film production company behind classic British movies The Ladykillers and The Lavender Hill Mob, Debbie Kendrick Lyons said: “I know I shouldn’t but I’ve found this quite comical….This would have been a good story for and old black and white Ealing Studios comedy film.”


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