State Agencies Enact Regulations to Improve Banking Access for Cannabis Industry

California has enacted regulations to implement Assembly Bill 1525. The regulations provide a mechanism for licensees to request that state licensing agencies provide certain information to financial institutions, and for the agencies to provide such information to improve access to banking for the cannabis industry.
Written by: Tyler Hastings, Esq.

CA Cannabis License Citations and Suspensions: Your Regulatory Rights When Facing Enforcement and Disciplinary Proceedings

On February 1, 2021, BCC suspended 300+ licenses statewide. Even though these were ultimately reinstated, it left many in the industry desperate and scrambling. It also begged the question – when Can California’s cannabis licensing agencies suspend or revoke your license? Read our article on your rights when facing enforcement and disciplinary proceedings.
Written by: Patrick Gutierrez, Esq.

LA Update – What will 2021 licensing opportunities be in the biggest market in the world? 

The first Cannabis Commission hearing of 2021 was packed with information for LA operators and applicants. Read key takeaways from the Executive Director’s Report impacting all applicants.
Written by: Shannon Heatley

Employers may face additional risk if they do not familiarize themselves with the legal requirements of the Fair Labor Standards act and California employment laws.

Meital explores joint employment in this article, addressing the potential pitfalls of liability in the cannabis industry. Published in Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Inaugural Cannabis Section Newsletter
Written by: Meital Manzuri, Esq.

“Legal Consequences for Using or Acting as an Unregistered Broker-Dealer in the Cannabis Industry” published in California Lawyers Association’s Real Property Journal 

This article discusses the rise of unregistered broker-dealers in the cannabis industry. The focus of this article is defining what are broker-dealers and the potential legal consequences for both the cannabis businesses who engage unregistered broker-dealers and the unregistered broker-dealers themselves.

Meital will appear as a panelist on this subject as part of a webinar hosted by the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Cannabis Section, the Sacramento Bar Association, and the California Cannabis Industry Association.
Written by: Meital Manzuri, Esq.

Join Meital Manzuri for the Webinar “Financing Without a License: Raising Capital in the Cannabis Industry with Unregistered Broker-Dealers,” February 19th

The legal status of finders is murky and they operate in a regulatory gray area. Companies that retain finders face potentially serious consequences for doing so, and finders face significant risks if they are deemed unregistered securities brokers. Marijuana-related businesses that engage finders, and unregistered intermediaries who source capital for those businesses, face additional risk because of federal prohibition.

This 90-minute program will cover a range of topics that are important for companies and finders in the cannabis sector and their counsel.