Manzuri Law Write Letter To City of Los Angeles Dept of Cannabis Regulation, Executive Team & Licensing Team On Behalf Of Invoiced Round 1 Applicants

Applicants all paid $US9,075 on September 3, 2019 garnering the city over a million dollars. It appears nobody has heard back from the city in six months !

Here’s the introduction to the letter

Thank you for your leadership on cannabis issues in the City and for your consideration of the
contents of this letter.

We hereby submit this letter on behalf of our clients and the Cannabis Equity
Retailer Association (CERA) which was established to support the Social Equity Program’s success and
to represent the 100 Social Equity Applicants who were deemed eligible for further processing under the
City’s Phase 3 Retail Round 1 (“Round 1”) Application Process. In accordance with Los Angeles
Municipal Code (LAMC) Section 104.06.1(c), these pre-vetted Social Equity Applicants (“Invoiced
Round 1 Applicants”) secured storefront properties, submitted applications and timely paid their $9,075
invoices issued by the Department of Cannabis Regulation (“DCR”), which means the City has received
nearly $1 Million from Invoiced Round 1 Applicants thus far.

Naturally, these invoices were understood to be the first major step towards receiving a cannabis retail license, however Invoiced Round 1

Applicants have still yet to be allowed to make any progress towards applying for State Licensure or
opening their stores in the 6+ months since they applied on September 3, 2019.

_Letter to City re_ Temporary Approval for Phase 3 Round 1


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