While adult use marijuana sales may not launch until late summer/early fall 2020, now is the time to ensure that all packaging and labeling for your planned product line will comply with the stringent requirements imposed by the adult use marijuana program regulations.
The packaging and labeling requirements for adult use marijuana and marijuana products differ significantly from requirements in the medical marijuana program. Also, while there are some requirements that apply to all adult use marijuana packaging and labeling across the board, there are also specific requirements for the various categories of marijuana and marijuana products (inhaled marijuana products/flower, edibles, topicals, trade samples, etc.).
In terms of enforcement in the new market, it will be low hanging fruit for the Office of Marijuana Policy to enter into a licensed adult use marijuana store and review products in the store for compliance. Accordingly, it is important to ensure all packaging and labels are compliant before investing in these materials.
If you are interested in having us review the specifications of your product packaging and mock-ups of your adult use marijuana and marijuana product labels for compliance, please let us know. We are also available to review marketing materials and advertisements for your current medical marijuana operations and/or planned adult use marijuana businesses.