Marijuana Seeds: The Extensive Guide

Until recently, the marijuana industry was seeping in shadows. But, with the global superpowers legalizing it under recreational and medical use, it has witnessed a boom.

Young entrepreneurs are keen to set up the manufacturing industries and enter the mainstream dispensary business. And to begin with, the very first thing they need is marijuana seeds, for initiating the cultivation.

Considering the market needs, the cultivators and growers need to account for the yield. For any strain producer, it is the total buds they produce which could be sold over the counter. This is where a deeper knowledge of what seeds to look for can prove to be handy.

 But, let us understand what are the types of marijuana first.


The Three Musketeers:

Based on genetic identification, there are two types of marijuana breeds.

  • Indica

Found exclusively in along the Hindu Kush Mountain Range in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Turkey, the Indica strain is adapt to harsh and turbulent, cold climate. This strain mainly has more of a “body high” effect, which helps with relaxation and sleeping.

  • Sativa

Originating in hot regions where days are longer and sunnier, Sativa is found mainly everywhere other than the Hindu Kush Mountain Range In North India. The Sativa strains cause mainly the “mind high”. They can grow up to 12 feet long, and have thinner and longer finger-like leaves.


Traditionally, these two breeds were cultivated naturally. But with the increase in demand, these are now being modified to suit the market desire. Along with a growth in indoor cultivation facilities.


And there appeared another cousin, broadly classified as “Hybrids”.


Hybrids are the third variety which is genetically modified in the laboratory. These strains are produced to meet the customer needs, for different compositions of the cannabinoids. One can say, hybrids are crossbreds between the Indica and the Sativa strains. These Hybrids are further classified on the basis of alterations introduced to their genetics.


Although the various governments have legalized cannabis or a part of its trade, there are many problems that cultivators are facing. Let’s dig into how you can start your own cultivation of high-quality cannabis products.


Know what you are looking for

The very first step to begin your cannabis farm is to know what customer base you wish to target. Do you wish to serve the recreational audience or the patients? Knowing the local market demands can help you make your mind. For example, if the majority of consumers in your region are recreational users, you might not want to go for the medical grade.


  1. The Regular Ones, Just The Cross-Breds

Before any genetic modifications were made, the seeds that were used conventionally are known as the regular ones. The marijuana plant is dioecious, meaning both male and female reproductive organs are found on different individuals. With ordinary seeds, it cannot be determined, if after germination a seed would yield male plant or a female. Since it is the female plant which is cultivated for medicinal and recreational use, the regular seeds offer a 50/50 produce.


  1. Feminized Seeds, For High Potency

Seeds that are self-pollinated or are produced to cause the monoecious condition are known as feminized seeds. The seeds are produced in three ways, by spraying a colloidal solution of silver or gibberellic acid, or by a process known as rodelization. Since only one set of genes is present in the seeds, the strains produced are mostly females. And as already mentioned, it is the female plant that produces the useful cannabinoids present in the marijuana plant. This is also known as “cloning by seeds”. The usefulness of these feminized seeds and the yield they produce are the main reasons why producers look forward to them. 3. Autoflowering- It Blooms Quickly

When the required yield exceeds the produce, cultivators turn to the auto-flowering breed of seeds. These seeds are modified to bloom the buds quickly. Specifically, the feminized seeds are modified to bloom quickly. Regardless of the length and age of the plant, a typical marijuana plant starts blooming buds when the photo-exposure period is reduced to 12-14 hours a day. The third type of modified breed of cannabis proves to be helpful in this case- cannabis ruderalis. A typical ruderalis breed starts blooming after a certain age, regardless of the photo-exposure period. The cultivators in short summer prone regions prefer these seeds.

  1. The Medical Grade

Medicinal cannabis is perfect in relief from stress, anxiety, muscle pains, improper blood circulation, insomnia, nausea, sexual and hormonal stress, and also assists in chemotherapy. The feminized seeds which are modified to target specific cannabinoid content in the plant, are referred to as medical-grade cannabis seeds. Perfect for small producers who wish to target a specific customer base, these seeds can promise high returns. Limited produce capacity makes these seeds ideal for small dispensaries and individual producers intended to grow for personal benefits.


Now, that you’ve learned about what are the different types of seeds, it is important to know how to know which one’s are the best suited for you.


Understand how to cultivate

Every seed requires different conditions for germination. Once you decide which breed you wish to cultivate, you may need to understand how to cultivate it. Knowing this can help you know what auxiliary pieces of equipment you may need.

Search for the seed banks

Looking for seed banks online is a good way to start. For example, you can search for the best seed bank for USA, which would pop up a list of seed banks. Sorting out through this list you can easily find the one you should head to. Make sure you understand the procedures they follow and the quality they deliver.

Match your needs and budget

Now that you have a sorted list of seed banks, you can make your demands and also explore your budget. Typically, a feminized seed would yield about 2-3 grams of high-quality bud.


Understanding how cultivation works, and what seeds can bring in the maximum business you can begin your own marijuana farm.

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