Marijuana Times Article: ” In Defence Of “Big” Cannabis”

Here’s the intro to their piece

Yes, I know the drill. Corporations are evil. Business people are greedy. No good can come from these evil, greedy people getting their hands on our beloved cannabis plant and selling it for *gasp* profits.

I’m not here to argue the greed of anyone. Greed is a trait human beings display to varying degrees; they have throughout all of known history and will continue to do so. But what I will say is that we have little to fear from corporations dominating the cannabis industry, and much to gain.

I know what many of you are saying: this guy is just some shill for big corporations, he hates the little guy, he’s probably getting paid to praise big business, etc. To be honest, I don’t care who “dominates” the cannabis industry. What I care about is getting the best possible price for the best quality product I can, just like in every other purchase I make. In the end, I don’t really care whether the company that made that product has 2 employees or 20,000.

Furthermore, the ultimate goal in a market should be competition. That’s what drives efficiency and innovation. So if small businesses are barred from entering a market, that’s bad for the goal of better products at lower prices. But “big corporations” aren’t the ones who bar smaller competitors from entering a market, the government is. Wal-Mart can’t stop you from opening a blender store, but government regulations and red tape can. A zoning board can.

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