Massachusetts: Dazed Cannabis Brand Open Retail Space With Stripper Pole As Centrepiece Attraction – Really?

Just plain repulsive. and they have a license in New York.

It should be taken away from them and be given to some grown ups.

As for..The local community has continued to support the dispensary since it opened Tuesday.

What does that actually mean ?

Some sad jocks have come in to buy some cannabis in a store that looks worse than a gas station

How these people get licenses is beyond me.

But then again it is Massachusetts where the Cannabis Control Commission is too busy infighting to worry about things like actually supporting the growth of an industry that isn’t lowest common denominator.

Sadly if this is the state of American entrepreneurship and business inventiveness it looks like the glory days are well and truly over.


Cannabis Business Times

For its third and most recent retail launch, Dazed turned its attention back to Massachusetts and opened a storefront Jan. 16 in Monson, about 10 miles east of Springfield.

The company has brought its signature pink décor and disco balls to the newest store, which replaced the Magic Lantern strip club, which shut down in 2022.

“The way this worked out in Massachusetts is that there was a strip club, the Magic Lantern—that establishment has been around since the sixties, and I think at the time it was an iconic place in Western Massachusetts,” Rainone tells Cannabis Business Times. “But … everyone kind of had enough of the things that were going on, … so the town was thrilled to hear that we would potentially take that location over and change it from a strip club to a dispensary. That’s kind of how the talks began.”

The local community has continued to support the dispensary since it opened Tuesday.

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