Meanwhile Back In Dostoyevsky like Cannabis “Crime & Punishment Australia” Laotian Man Pleads Not Guilty To Commercial Cannabis Cultivation

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports the following .

We concur with authorities  that Mr Sensonxay may not be entirely innocent but we’d bet our bottom dollar he and others working on the farm weren’t going to be the main beneficaries of the sale of the crop and yes we’ll never know who will be; as Sensonxay and the other workers will have families they wish to protect from their former employers.

The authories, the police, the DPP all know this but they’ll persist with the fiction, we presume to ensure future budgets, keep the Murdoch press fed with juicy stories and give the shockjocks something to crow about.

The ABC write

A Laotian man charged with commercial cannabis cultivation and supply has told a court he was unaware he was working for an alleged drug operation.

Tou Sensonxay was one of six foreign nationals – five men and a woman – arrested on January 22 over a $17 million cannabis operation north of Coffs Harbour.

At the time, police seized more than 5,000 plants and about 200 kilograms of cannabis head during the dismantling of the set-up at a property in the rural village of Kremnos.

The 45-year-old greeted the courtroom by bowing his head and then holding his hands in prayer on his forehead.

He told the court through a Laotian interpreter that he was not guilty of one count of cultivating a commercial supply of a prohibited plant.

“I didn’t know it was an illegal plant,” Mr Sensonxay said.

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