Meanwhile In the World Of Vegetables… Gang sent cannabis from Marbella to the UK in Frozen Broccoli & Cauliflower Shipments

ALMOST two tonnes of hashish destined for the United Kingdom have been seized in a raid on a sophisticated smuggling gang operating out of the Costa del Sol.

Police made five arrests after raiding a warehouse in Sevilla, including one individual who was wanted in Britain under an International Arrest Warrant issued for drug trafficking offences.

The gang made use of a front company they had set up to ship frozen broccoli and cauliflower to the UK, giving them the guise of legitimate businessmen.

They then used this company, with all documentation and export licences apparently in order, to provide cover for their real purpose – the wholesale introduction of huge quantities of hashish into Britain.

Police got wind of their scheme last spring and investigations led them to a property in Marbella where they were stashing drugs – mainly hashish and marijuana, as well as smaller quantities of ketamine.

Detectives from the Policia Local’s Organised Crime Group in Fuengirola quickly realised that they were dealing with a serious outfit thanks to a suite of sophisticated counter surveillance techniques they employed.

Through careful surveillance, they learned that the group used forged documents to rent properties and a small fleet of vehicles to carry out their illicit business.

After several weeks of painstaking police work, things moved up a gear in the summer as the gang’s operations took on heightened levels of activity.

Officers observed vehicles constantly coming and going from the Marbella stash house, indicating that a shipment was imminent.

Undercover cops eventually followed a pair of vans – one of which was a decoy – to a meeting point in Santiponce, Sevilla.


Revealed: How a narco gang sent marijuana from Marbella to the UK in frozen broccoli and cauliflower shipments

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