Media Report: A ‘loophole’ in Connecticut law has allowed THC seltzers to be sold in stores for months

CT Insider

Connecticut law restricts the sale of cannabis to a small number of licensed, highly regulated stores. Among the products are gummies and cans of infused seltzer, and a single dose of each can contain enough THC to get an adult high.

But that exact same can of seltzer is being sold in liquor stores and markets across Connecticut, none of which are licensed to sell cannabis products. Those stores are selling the cans legally and don’t actually need a license under what multiple people interviewed for this story called a “loophole” that has to do with the listed serving size.

The cans that you buy in a cannabis retail outlet might be 7.5 ounces and are considered one serving, just like a can of soda or iced tea that can be bought at a local gas station. However, the same can of cannabis-infused seltzer, sometimes 7.5 or 12 ounces, is labeled as five servings in a package at a liquor store or market.

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