Media Report: A Psilocybin Therapy Bill is Making Headway in New York

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As the New York State’s April 1 budget deadline approaches, one of the psychedelics bills under consideration is making notable headway towards receiving a vote in the General Assembly and State Senate.

Assemblymember Pat Burke’s Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Bill was introduced on February 2, and has since received co-sponsorship from twenty-four Democrats and three Republicans in the Assembly, Joe DeStefano, Scott Bendett, and David McDonough. The bill continues to gain critical bipartisan support, with Mr. Burke’s team confirming that his Republican co-sponsors reached out to them to underwrite the proposal.

The bill was introduced two months after Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal’s bill, which would legalize possession of certain organic psychedelic compounds, including psilocybin, ibogaine, and DMT.

Burke’s formation of the medical pilot model has recently gained support from Amy Paulin, the new chair of the State Health Committee, as well as the crucial matching bill in the state senate, which New York state requires to put new proposals up for a vote. For many key New York State advocates, decriminalization is the long term objective of psychedelic policy reform. Still, they see Burke’s proposed medical model as an integral step in that direction that addresses the urgent public need for alternative mental health treatment, and are optimistic about its chances of success.


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A Psilocybin Therapy Bill is Making Headway in New York

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