Megalabs Partners With Medterra CBD To Bring CBD To Mexico, Argentina And Brasil

DALLAS and MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay, July 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Megalabs today announced its partnership with Medterra to bring their well-known CBD products to MexicoArgentina and Brasil. With the populations in these countries showcasing an increased interest in high-quality CBD products, Megalabs will utilize its advanced distribution network throughout Latin America to continue Medterra’s global expansion.

“Over this last year we have been working with the Megalabs team to plan this entrance into the Latin America markets,” said Jay Hartenbach, CEO of Medterra. “Our success to date has always been centered around strategic partners and we believe Megalabs is exactly the team we need to be successful in these countries. To bring high-quality CBD to those that need it has been our singular goal since Medterra’s inception and this marks a significant step in reaching that goal.”

“With this agreement, Megalabs is strengthening its wide ranging portfolio and entering a new therapeutic field with CBD in areas like pain and anxiety,” said Gianclaudio Broggi, CEO of Megalabs.  “This cooperation unites Megalabs and Medterra in the pursuit of innovation, the quest for growth and the possibility of delivering to patients alternative treatment options,” adds Broggi.

According to the agreement signed last June, Megalabs will have exclusive rights to commercialize Medterra products in Brasil, Mexico and Argentina.

“This is going to be good for everyone, especially for the people that will have more access to quality CBD,” relayed Hartenbach. “We are always hopeful to be able to utilize our passion for this plant and its potential for the good of all who may need it.”

About Megalabs
Megalabs is a leading, branded specialty, Latin American pharmaceutical company, committed to healthcare and strategically oriented towards innovation and affordable therapeutic solutions.

Currently present in 18 countries with more than 7,700 employees including a highly professional sales force of more than 3,000 sales representatives, it holds an excellent reputation within the medical communities of the continent. 24% of doctors in Latin America prescribe its products and 42,000 Megalabs products are prescribed every day by health professionals. Its continuous growth is supported by 17 owned production sites, a highly diversified portfolio with more than 1,800 products and 6 R&D centers where more than 80 projects are carried out per year. Megalabs is a future-oriented company holding a consolidated reputation as one of the key Pharma players in Latin America.

About Medterra
As a global leader in CBD products, Medterra has helped lead the CBD industry forward with its wide ranging distribution and its dedication to quality. By working with well-vetted professionals, physicians and innovators, Medterra has successfully maneuvered through the strict and evolving guidelines of the American Hemp industry to be considered one of the top brands in North America.

(PRNewsfoto/Medterra CBD)
(PRNewsfoto/Medterra CBD)

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