Mia Khalifa Joins Magic Mushroom Company

That’s a turn up for the books .. or is it?

Benzinga report

  • Red Light CEO praises Mia Khalifa for her “incredible knowledge and proven success around creation and branding.”
  • Mia Khalifa is expected to lead the company’s corporate social purpose strategy.


Canada-based mushrooms producer Red Light Holland Corp. 


 has launched a collaboration with former adult film performer and social media star Mia Khalifa.

The agreement comes less than a year after Red Light partnered Wiz Khalifa (no relation to Mia) to launch the MisterCap wellness line.

Mia, whose real name is Sarah Joe Chamoun, will lead the company’s corporate social purpose strategy related to social justice, advocacy and responsible use of magic truffles and the creation of a female-focused mushroom brand for health and wellness.

Mia will also work with Red Light CEO Todd Shapiro on social media marketing for both  MisterCap and Wisdom Truffle, developing social purpose and community engagement initiatives and producing public educational content.

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