Michigan cannabis business suspended after inspectors find untagged products

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SHIAWASSEE COUNTY — Michigan regulators on Friday, Feb. 3, indefinitely shut down a Shiawassee County marijuana processing business accused of possessing untagged cannabis products.

The Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) suspended Candid Labs’ licenses that allow it to process marijuana products for the recreational and medical marijuana markets.

“Based on its investigation of the conduct alleged in the formal complaints, the CRA determined that the safety or health of patrons or employees is jeopardized by Candid Labs’ continued operation and that the public health, safety, or welfare requires emergency action,” the CRA said.

The business, which operates under the name Layercake Farms 2 at 1850 Parmenter in Corunna, is located about 30 miles west of Flint. It also has at least eight active medical marijuana grow licenses that allow for up to 12,000 marijuana plants.

It’s the company’s grow facility that initially caught the CRA’s attention. The business notified the CRA that its required video surveillance system was “malfunctioning during its harvest,” the CRA complaint said.

Inspectors visited the business on Oct. 6 and found 38 cameras were “inoperable and showing black screens,” a statement issued by the CRA said. An employee told inspectors the problem was caused by rats that chewed through the wires.

While on site, inspectors looked into the processing facility that is located at the same address, the CRA said.

“CRA staff observed five tall, cylindrical glass jars with green lids each labeled with ‘Labyrinth Xtracts Ultra Fine Distillate Oil’ and a ‘Hempire State Growers Hudson Valley New York’ sticker inside” a storage trailer, the agency said. Inspectors “observed that the tall cylindrical jars were filled to the top with what appeared to be marijuana distillate and were without Metrc tags.”

Full report at  https://www.mlive.com/cannabis/2023/02/michigan-marijuana-business-suspended-after-inspectors-find-untagged-products.html


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