Microdosing Collective Launches Around Safe and Regulated Access to Sub-Perceptible Doses of Psychedelics

There is a rapidly growing movement to create safe access to psychedelic medicines. As the psychedelic renaissance grows, consumer interest in microdosing psychedelics for wellness is building. The Microdosing Collective (“Microdosing Collective” or “the Collective”) is a new initiative supporting education around regulatory policy to permit legal microdosing for optimal wellbeing.


The Microdosing Collective is an non-profit educational organization committed to a world where sub-perceptible microdosing of psychedelics (beginning with psilocybin) is legal, accessible and safe. One potential path forward is to regulate microdoses of psychedelics as over-the-counter wellness supplements under the purview of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or a state-based system.

“Over the past few years, there have been incredible strides made to provide psychedelic substances within a legal and regulated framework,” says Paul Austin, Microdosing Collective Co-Founder and microdosing expert. “Unfortunately, none of these initiatives have created policy specific to the adult use of microdosing psychedelics. We seek to change that.”

The United States government is permitting clinical research studies on the benefits of psychedelics after decades of fighting the war on drugs and stifling investigations. There are currently dozens of research studies investigating the immense therapeutic potential of psychedelics for PTSD, addiction, and treatment-resistant depression.

Most FDA-approved research studies focus on the clinical outcomes of using consciousness-altering doses of psychedelics during guided sessions. Additionally, state-regulated models only allow access to quantities of psychedelics that dramatically shift consciousness. Regulatory frameworks for the use of psychedelics only allow access to mind-altering doses of psychedelics under the supervision of a licensed professional. Regulatory pathways to accessing sub-perceptible doses of psychedelics do not exist.

“The Collective estimates at least 600,000 people in the U.S. actively microdose psychedelic medicines. The problem we are addressing is that none of these products are legal or guaranteed to be safe,” says Joshua Kappel, a Co-Founder of the nonprofit and long-time drug policy attorney. “Our goal is to educate the public through the Microdosing Collective about the benefits of a legal microdosing market.”

Despite the hundreds of thousands of people who have reported benefits from microdosing psychedelic substances, the singular regulatory focus is on mind-altering doses. The Microdosing Collective seeks to create a legal pathway for microdosing psychedelics, not as a medical treatment but as a wellness supplement.

As more states follow Oregon’s lead and regulate psychedelics, the Microdosing Collective is advancing access to microdosing as a modality for improving overall well-being. The Microdosing Collective believes millions of Americans desire access to microdoses of psychedelics, and they should not have to procure their supplements through illicit market operators. The Collective’s educational efforts today will go a long way towards shaping the psychedelic industry of tomorrow and the future of consumer products for the psychedelic space.

“The largest barrier to access for microdosing stems from its current classification as a Schedule I drug, which legally labels psilocybin as highly addictive with no medical benefit,” says Alli Shaper, Co-Founder of Microdosing Collective and CEO & Co-Founder of Into The Multiverse, an education-first ecosystem for all things fungi. “Research shows quite the opposite. When used correctly, with the right education and support, microdosing can have a massive positive impact on people’s lives. The use of these supplementation protocols is on the rise for both mental health and human optimization with thousands of people reaping the benefits. Our goal is to provide a safe and legal channel for microdosing supplements, which is really a form of harm reduction and mitigation of the risks that come from cross contamination and incorrect dosing via underground channels.”

The Microdosing Collective officially launched on Wednesday, July 20, during a sold-out kick-off party in Los Angeles, CA. The professional psychedelics community, entrepreneurs, and company founders attended to celebrate the organization’s launch.

The Microdosing Collective is currently focused on bringing together thought leaders in this space through its founding member drive to provide a cohesive voice to educate the public about what a world with legal microdosing would look like.

About Company:

The Microdosing Collective is the first non-profit in the U.S. solely dedicated to envisioning a world where microdosing is legal. The Collective is a California nonprofit with its 501(c)(3) tax exempt status pending.


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