Minnesota: OCM Reports – OCM Annual Report to the Legislature /  An Examination of Cannabis Consumers and Cannabis Demand in Minnesota

Last month, the Office of Cannabis Management released two reports: (1) OCM Annual Report to the Legislature; and (2) An Examination of Cannabis Consumers and Cannabis Demand in Minnesota.  The first report includes proposed legislative changes that OCM hopes will bolster the industry.  It’s important to note that none of these changes are guaranteed to take effect; they would all require action by the legislature.  The second report aimed to assess the size of the cannabis market in Minnesota. Notably, the OCM did not provide any hard numbers with regard to the state’s canopy size, but suggested that the ultimate canopy allowance may go beyond 1 million square feet.
OCM Implementation Webinar
The OCM held a webinar to update the industry on its implementation efforts, including providing updates on hiring, technology, the Cannabis Advisory Council, cross agency work, its legislative recommendations, and the rulemaking.  The OCM reaffirmed its commitment to fostering a Minnesota-driven craft market, and still plans to have complete license applications available in early 2025.  The OCM’s slides and video will likely be added to its website here.
OCM’s Last Public Input Survey 
Finally, the OCM’s final public input survey will be available until February 26. The topics include the medical cannabis market and the patient registry program.  If you have feedback on any other aspects of the rulemaking, reach out to the OCM by emailing cannabis.rulemaking@state.mn.us.

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