MJ Biz Report Believes Oregon Will Become Country Leader In Hemp Production.

They write

The Oregon hemp industry has grown exponentially in just two years. As of 2017, Oregon has:

  • 233 licensed hemp growers
  • 170 licensed hemp processors, called “handlers”
  • 119 licensed producers of viable hemp seed
  • 3,500 outdoor acres licensed for cultivation

The state requires separate licenses for growing and processing hemp, though some businesses hold both. Each license costs $1,300 a year.

Oregon also issues a license for producing viable hemp seed. Those permits cost $120 a year and must be held in conjunction with a growing or processing license.

Oregon has no background check requirements for hemp growers or processors. But hemp producers are subject to the nation’s most exhaustive testing requirements, with 100% of registered hemp fields tested for THC content.

Oregon allows hemp production for:

  • CBD extraction
  • Seed or seed oil
  • Fiber

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Hemp State Highlight: Oregon positioned for national dominance with tested products

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