MJBizDaily publishes new map of Canadian cannabis retail distribution

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How many legal cannabis stores are in Canada – and how accessible are they for consumers across the country?

MJBizDaily’s new map of Canadian cannabis retail distribution has those answers, offering a bird’s-eye view of Canada’s regulated marijuana retail sector, including:

  • National and provincial cannabis store numbers.
  • The concentration of brick-and-mortar stores per 10,000 residents.
  • The number of cannabis stores in major Canadian cities.

The map – based on provincial store and licensing data – underscores Canada’s uneven distribution of regulated marijuana retailers.

Although recreational marijuana legalization was a federal government initiative in Canada, regulating retail stores is the domain of the nation’s 13 provincial and territorial governments, with each government taking its own approach.

Unlike adult-use marijuana, regulated medical cannabis in Canada is not sold through brick-and mortar stores.

Alberta, which is Canada’s fourth-largest province by population, continues to lead the country in terms of access to regulated adult-use marijuana stores, with more than two cannabis stores per 10,000 residents as of the start of 2023.

Ontario and Saskatchewan are tied for second place in terms of store concentration, with roughly 1.3 stores per 10,000 residents.

At the other end of the spectrum, Quebec continues to have far fewer marijuana stores than any other jurisdiction in Canada, with its provincial retail monopoly Société québécoise du cannabis operating 93 locations as of January 2023.

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