MM Report: Hawaii Attorney General Now Supports Cannabis Legalization, Pledging To Work To Enact Reform Next Year

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The attorney general of Hawaii says that her office will no longer oppose marijuana legalization—and, in fact, it will work with lawmakers and stakeholders to proactively help advance the reform.

Attorney General Anne Lopez (D), who was appointed by the governor in December but still needs to be confirmed for a full term by the Senate, was asked during a committee hearing on Wednesday whether it would be the department’s position to “automatically oppose” legalization bills, as it has historically done.

“We will not flat-out oppose it,” Lopez said during her confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which ultimately endorsed her nomination. “With respect to the policy, I do believe that is the legislature’s area to make those decisions.”



Hawaii Attorney General Now Supports Marijuana Legalization, Pledging To Work To Enact Reform Next Year

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After opposing bills to legalize marijuana, AG-nominee offers a surprising stance

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – After opposing bills to legalize recreational marijuana, Attorney General-Nominee Anne Lopez promised to lead the way to legalization during her confirmation hearing Wednesday.

Legislative supporters of legalization had been frustrated by Lopez’ resistance to legalization bills and challenged her during questioning.

State Sen. Joy San Buenaventura asked: “Is it going to be the Attorney General’s position to automatically oppose those bills?”

The answer was a surprise.

To the contrary, Lopez responded, she would become a leader to get legalization done right with an administration task force to develop legislation in time for next year’s session.

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