MORE is Less = 0

So much for all the excitement of the various cannabis bills in both houses this month.. the reality as MJ Biz reports is MORE of the same which essentially means a big fat nothing.

They write

Cannabis banking reform will have to wait.

Such reform isn’t included in the 5,593-page, $900 billion coronavirus relief bill being considered Monday in the U.S. Congress, even though it was part of the initial U.S. House relief measure.

But, as always, hope against hope .

But there is still hope cannabis banking reform will be included if there’s a push for additional COVID-19 stimulus after President-elect Joe Biden assumes office in January, said David Mangone, director of policy for The Liaison Group, a Washington DC firm that lobbies for the National Cannabis Roundtable.

Probably best to ignore DC for another year and just get on with it !

Cannabis banking reform excluded from $900 billion coronavirus relief package



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