More On The Trinidad Bust – Surprise Surprise The Weed Came From Jamaica

POLICE have determined that the $6 million in marijuana found in 12 duffel bags and a crocus bag at the back of a container at the Caribbean Bottlers Limited (Coca Cola) compound in Macoya last Friday, originated in Jamaica.

Officers from the Organised Crime and Intelligence Unit (OCIU) weighed the drugs which were found to be over 400 kilos. Investigators are liaising with Interpol officers in Jamaica to assist in this high profile probe. The container with the drugs entered the country from Jamaica last week. It was cleared by Customs and Excise and on Friday at 10.30 am, employees of Caribbean Bottlers Limited were emptying the container filled with imported beers, when they found the bags.

No arrest has been made. Officials from Caribbean Bottlers Limited have since initiated an internal investigation into the matter.


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