Multiple agencies bust unlicensed cannabis cultivators in South Monterey County

The Californian NewsTimes reports

Salinas Valley — Last month, the Monterey County District Prosecutor’s Office’s Investigation Department worked with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and other state and local agencies to carry out cannabis enforcement activities targeting unlicensed cannabis growers in South Monterey County. It was conducted.

These operations eradicated and destroyed about 5 tonnes of illegal cannabis during May. Similar enforcement measures will continue throughout the year.

Cannabis cultivation for personal and recreational use is legal in California. However, growing more than 6 plants is presumed to be for business purposes and requires state and local cultivation permits.

“Cultivation that exceeds this limit without the required license violates both criminal and civil law and can lead to felony convictions, high fines and fees, and civil liability,” the district attorney said in a news release. Stated.

Illegal cannabis seized during enforcement measures last month was screened and tested in the laboratory and found to contain harmful pesticides and dangerous heavy metals. In contrast, legal cannabis products have undergone critical laboratory testing and screening to ensure the safety of the products of the general public.

Among other things, legal cannabis is screened for THC levels as well as the presence of heavy metals, pesticides and other dangerous chemicals. Investigations into these illegal activities are active and ongoing.

“The District Attorney’s Office is working to ensure fair competitive conditions in the Monterey County licensed cannabis industry by eliminating unfair and unauthorized business practices. In addition, harmful cannabis products We are committed to protecting public health and safety by eradicating it before it enters the illegal market, “says the DA office.


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