National Law Review Article: Marijuana Social Lounges Are Coming to a New Jersey Town Near You

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When I last wrote my blog post, “New Jersey Marijuana Social Lounges,” in November 2018, the NJ adult-use recreational bill was in its infancy. Now that the state has finally legalized marijuana under the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement Assistance, and Marketplace Modernization Act (“CREAMMA”), I am duty-bound to update the blog on “cannabis consumption areas” or “CCAs” as defined in CREAMMA.

Many clients have recently asked me, “How do I open a marijuana social lounge?” The short answer is you will need to apply for a cannabis retail license when the applications are published by the newly created New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (“CRC”).

So, How Do You Open Marijuana Social Lounges?

Fortunately, CREAMMA provides licensed cannabis retailers with the exclusive opportunity to offer one social space for patrons to consume marijuana on the same premises as the retail location – “cannabis consumption areas” (or “CCAs”) – like a bar allows patrons to consume alcohol. Sounds pretty cool, right? But wait, this is New Jersey, so one should expect government red tape before advertising the grand opening.

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