Nevada: A woman convicted of a felony will now be able to work in the state’s cannabis industry after state regulators approved her application Thursday.

Cannabis Compliance Board members unanimously approved Janice Hind-Padilla’s petition to be allowed to work in the state cannabis industry, making her the first person to benefit from a law passed during the 2023 legislative session.

Board Chair Adriana Guzmán Fralick said the historic moment is part of “many things we have to right.”

“It all comes down to getting individuals back to work and not having their past come back to haunt them, especially if it’s related to cannabis,” she said.

Through Senate Bill 277, individuals with certain prior felony convictions are able to petition the board to be licensed to work in the state cannabis business.

Previously, the board was prohibited from issuing a cannabis license or registration card to anyone convicted of an excluded felony offense, which includes some of the most serious felonies. The board is now allowed to grant the exemption if it won’t pose a threat to public safety or negatively impact the state’s cannabis industry, according to the law.

The board’s approval was applauded by Nevada Cannabis Association Executive Director Layke Martin.

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Felon gets state approval to work in cannabis industry

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