Nevada: Cannabis Advisory Commission Hold Inaugural Meeting

Here’s their update on who, how, where, when.


LAS VEGAS, NV – Today, the Cannabis Advisory Commission (CAC) held its inaugural meeting. The 12-person commission studies cannabis-related issues and makes recommendations on regulations and other industry-related issues to the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB).

At its first meeting, CCB Executive Director Tyler Klimas who serves as CAC chair appointed members to four newly established subcommittees: Subcommittee on Social Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; Subcommittee on Public Health; Subcommittee on Public Safety; and Subcommittee on the Cannabis Industry and Market Stability. Subcommittees are comprised of commissioners as well as other local leaders and experts in their fields to ensure the most diverse and knowledgeable voices are involved.

“The Cannabis Advisory Commission will become an important contributor in further developing cannabis regulation in Nevada,” CAC Chair and CCB Executive Director Tyler Klimas said. “The subcommittees established today represent four major topic areas which the Cannabis Compliance Board aims to prioritize and invest in as it continues its effective regulation of this fast-paced industry.”


Led by a chair, each subcommittee will meet to discuss policy, research, and other relevant ideas and information before presenting recommendations for the CAC and ultimately the CCB to review and consider.

“Additionally, with the recent passage of AB 341, discussions in these subcommittees will play a crucial role in shaping the path forward for the licensing and regulation of cannabis consumption lounges by the CCB,” Klimas said.


Information on Subcommittees

Social Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: To review and make recommendations on matters related to the accessibility for and participation of diverse owners in the cannabis industry.


  • A’Esha Goins, Chair
  • Attorney General Aaron D. Ford
  • Senator Dallas Harris (D – 11th District)
  • Kema Ogden
  • Tina Ulman, Chamber of Cannabis


Public Health: To review and make recommendations on matters related to the labeling, packaging, marketing, and advertising of cannabis and cannabis products, the potency of cannabis and cannabis products, and other issues related to public health.


  • Dr. Jennifer Pearson, Chair
  • Dr. Benjamin Chew
  • Lauren DiPrete, Southern Nevada Health District
  • Teresa Hayes, Nevada Department of Public and Behavioral Health
  • Jillian Nelson


Public Safety: To review and make recommendations on matters related to the effects of cannabis on law enforcement, businesses, and consumers.


  • Assemblyman Steve Yeager (D – 9th District), Chair
  • Detective Josh Garber, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
  • Assemblyman Tom Roberts (R – 13th District)
  • Director George Togliatti
  • Executive Director Melanie Young


Market Stability: To review and make recommendations on matters related to supply and demand and overall market stability for the cannabis industry.


  • Daniel Stewart, Chair
  • James Hammer
  • Layke Martin, Nevada Dispensary Association
  • Michael Nikhman
  • Sami Real, Clark County Department of Comprehensive Planning


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Cannabis Advisory Commission Members:

  • Tyler Klimas, Chair, Executive Director, CCB
  • Aaron D. Ford, Nevada Attorney General
  • George Togliatti, Director, Nevada Department of Public Safety
  • Melanie Young, Executive Director, Department of Taxation

Appointed by Governor Sisolak (March 2021):

  • Dr. Benjamin Chew, District Manager, DB Labs
  • A’Esha Goins, Founder, Cannabis Equity and Inclusion Community Nevada
  • James Hammer, General Manager, Wallflower Cannabis House
  • Jillian Nelson, Vice President of Operations, Evergreen Organix
  • Michael Nikhman, Co-Owner, Nevada Group Wellness
  • Kema Ogden, Co-Owner, Top Notch The Health Center
  • Dr. Jennifer Pearson, Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Reno
  • Daniel Stewart, Attorney, Hutchison & Steffen



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