Nevis Brands’ flagship cannabis beverage Major set to stand out in growing Michigan market

Nevis Brands (CSE:NEVI) expects to generate immediate sales of its flagship cannabis beverage Major when it launches the product in Michigan in early 2024 with the help of its partner Pleasantrees which is already well-established in the state.

Nevis CEO John Kueber told Proactive that Michigan was a sizeable market for the company to enter as cannabis beverages are in their early stages in the state.

He noted that the state’s total cannabis market was $2 billion in 2022 and is growing to $3 billion this year.

“We think Michigan is going to continue its growth and rival some of the existing large states that were already operating,” Kueber said.

The consumer has adopted the cannabis market well and it’s ready for beverages. We believe Major is really going to stand out and do well.”

Nevis’ Major has achieved more than $40 million in retail sales since its launch in 2019.

“We have a great operating history and we continue to expand from five states just six months ago to now being in eight states,” Kueber said.

Nevis Brands (CSE:NEVI) develops cannabis products that have been consumed by millions of customers across Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Ohio and next year in California and Michigan.

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