New book looks at 50 hemp building projects around the globe

A little off topic but as we are close to Christmas this looks like a great gift to people who like CO2 producing cement… try hemp instead

Hemp Today reports

A new book by hemp building pioneer Steve Allin looks takes a comprehensive overview of projects that showcase the use of hemp-based materials in architectural examples around the world.

Hemp Buildings: 50 International Cases features more than 350 color photographs of structures that incorporate hemp materials – from medieval buildings to modern retail outlets, residential to industrial builds, schools to health centers. The examples range from those located in the tropics to structures in cool temperate zones.

Points of view

In addition to describing the buildings, Allin explores how each client, designer and builder approached the individual projects, how hempcrete and hemp fiber insulation were applied, how those materials were sourced, and the range of finishes used in the construction.

Allin has played an outsized role in expanding knowledge and raising the profile of construction based on hemp-derived materials, advocating for hemp, hemp building systems and technology as a solution to climate change.

Industry pioneer

He pioneered the International Hemp Building Association (IHBA), which he serves as director. An author, teacher and consultant on ecological building, he has been lecturing and building with hemp all over the world for the last 25 years.

Allin is also the author of Building with Hemp, a guide for architects, builders, community activists, students and teachers. He has contributed articles to a variety of publications from the Green Building Bible to Irish Tech News, and HempToday.

Hemp Buildings: 50 International Cases is published and being distributed by Ireland-based specialist publisher Seedpress.

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