New Frontier Data Report:

The Industry’s First Comparative Study on EU and U.S. Cannabis Regulations   or so they say


Our latest report studies the disparity in evolving regulations, the resulting uncertainty, challenges, and risks for industry stakeholders, and the growing importance of consumer sentiment and behavior shaping cannabis regulation.


Key Report Findings:

  • Consumer sentiment will influence regulations as 66% of cannabis consumers agree that legal cannabis is safer than illegal cannabis, and 77% cite potency as an important factor in purchasing decisions.
  • Potency caps in future legislation will likely include THC limits to protect younger and inexperienced users and in the absence of a unified regulatory structure, states are evaluating potency caps individually.
  • Inconsistent CBD regulations in Europe have created a patchwork landscape for CBD products where average per capita annual spend on CBD was projected to reach €21Billion in 2020.

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