New Hampshire: Dept of Health & Human Services “Therapeutic Cannabis Program” Information Page

5 May 2016

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April 29, 2016:  NH DHHS Issues Certificate to Sanctuary ATC to Open Therapeutic Cannabis Dispensary in Plymouth

Update: On Monday, December 28, 2015, the Department will begin to issue Registry Identification Cards by mail to Qualifying Patients and Designated Caregivers whose applications have been approved. Applications are being processed in the order received by the Therapeutic Cannabis Program. The Program’s deadlines for notifying applicants of missing information, for approving or denying an application, and for issuing cards will now apply.

Purpose and Mission: In June 2013 the New Hampshire Legislature passed House Bill 573 (Chapter 242 of the Laws of 2013), relative to the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes. Governor Maggie Hassan signed HB 573 (RSA 126-X) into law effective July 23, 2013. RSA 126-X creates an exemption in state law from criminal penalties for the therapeutic use of cannabis provided that its use is in compliance with RSA 126-X. The NH Legislature placed the responsibility for administering the program within the NH Department of Health and Human Services. The Department’s primary responsibilities include:….

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