New Hampshire Gov Sununu Vetoes ‘Home Grow’ Medical Marijuana Bill

NHPR reports  ….Governor Sununu has vetoed a bill that would have allowed medical marijuana patients to grow their own plants.

In his veto message, the governor cited concerns about more marijuana ending up on the black market.



The report goes on to say

Backers of the proposal, which would let qualified patients to grow up to six plants after registering with the state, said the home grow option would lower costs and increase accessibility for patients. 

The bill passed the Senate on a 14-10. It passed the House on a voice vote, after being endorsed by the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee 17-4.

Sununu, in his veto message, writes that the state has reasonable regulations to ensure responsible operation of medical marijuana dispensaries. “This bill would bypass those public health and safety guardrails and make the job of law enforcement significantly more difficult. Furthermore, it could serve to undermine the protections we have built within the Alternative Treatment Center system by making those facilities less sustainable.”


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