New Jersey’s Rowan University Offers MBA in Cannabis Commercialization

Rowan University in New Jersey now offers an MBA in Cannabis Commercialization with courses ranging from Cannabis Legislation, Regulations, and Policy to Advanced Chemical Analysis of Cannabinoids.

New Jersey’s Rowan University is offering a Master of Business Administration in Cannabis Commercialization, which allows MBA students to select nine credits to satisfy the requirements. Two required courses include Evolution of the Cannabis Industry and Business Model Innovation in Cannabis.

“The rapidly evolving cannabis industry is anticipated to become a multi-billion dollar economic driver across the USA – and beyond. Career opportunities related to cannabis are vast, and cross-over talent is in high demand. Plant-touching verticals such as cultivation, extraction, manufacturing and/or retail need experts from other industries to adapt, extend, and expand best practices into the highly regulated cannabis market.” – Rowan University, Cannabis Commercialization Concentration Coursework

In addition to the required courses, students have four cannabis-focused electives to choose from, including Cannabis Legislation, Regulations, and Policy; Marijuana Legalization and Decriminalization in Work, Leisure, and Settings; Cannabis Research, Program Evaluation, and Policy Development; and Advanced Chemical Analysis of Cannabinoids.

The program also includes another 14 complimentary elective coursework, ranging from Community Justice to Capital Budgeting, to Strategic Planning for Operating Managers.

The university launched its Institute for Cannabis Research, Policy & Workforce Development last year, which it describes as an “interdisciplinary research institute to assist and advise policymakers, health care professionals, pharmaceutical industries, government agencies, and businesses.”


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