New Kansas Bill Would Free Cannabis Prisoners and Expunge Records

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A Kansas proposal would aid individuals with cannabis-related convictions by expunging charges and releasing anyone still serving probation, parole, prison, or jail sentences.

bill proposed in Kansas would allow individuals to have cannabis-related crimes expunged from their records and release anyone serving probation, parole, prison or jail sentences, the Kansas Reflector reports. The measure is sponsored by House Minority Leader Vic Miller (D) and includes 24 co-sponsors.  

“It doesn’t legalize it per se, but it eliminates the serving a sentence punishment. … This is sort of a backdoor way of relieving people of the penalty. And in and of itself, it would save in my mind, probably tens of millions of dollars related to those prosecutions in those incarcerations.” — Miller to the Reflector 

Kansas is one of four states where cannabis remains outlawed for any purpose. If approved, the measure would take effect July 1. The state is bordered by Missouri and Colorado, which both allow adult-use cannabis access, and Oklahoma which allows medical cannabis in one of the U.S.’s most permissive programs.  

Kansas House lawmakers approved a medical cannabis bill in 2021 but the measure died in a Senate committee.  

The cannabis penalty reform bill has been sent to the House Corrections and Juvenile Justice Committee. Committee Chairman Rep. Stephen Owens (R) told the Recorder that he needed to review the bill before making any comments.   

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