New Medical Cannabis Legislation Comes Into Play In Poland. But Cost Of Imported Product Will Put In Too High A Price Range

Medical reports

Doctor Marek Bachanski, a paediatric neurologist, who has pioneered Poland’s use of medical marijuana to treat epilepsy in children, says the new legislation comes with several hurdles.

“Polish patients will have very limited access to this type of treatment because we don’t produce medical marijuana domestically,” he told AFP.

Legislation passed by Poland’s right wing-dominated parliament in June rules out recreational use. It allows cannabis-based drugs with high concentrations of THC to be made, on prescription, in Polish pharmacies using only imported marijuana.

Although imports are likely to be more costly, conservative Polish lawmakers feared that allowing domestic marijuana cultivation would open the door to legalising recreational marijuana, a move they oppose.

According to Bachanski, there is already “not enough medical marijuana imported from The Netherlands” and that adequate supplies “will only arrive next year.”

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