New OCCRP Report: Narco Files: The New Criminal Order

Organized crime in Latin America has changed quite a bit since the days of Pablo Escobar.

Today, OCCRP and over 40 media partners revealed what this modernization looks like in the Narco Files: The New Criminal Order  — the largest investigative project of its kind to originate in Latin America. 

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After obtaining over 7 million leaked emails from the Colombian prosecutor’s office, reporters found rare details about the inner workings of transnational criminal gangs and law enforcement’s efforts to dismantle them. In their stories, reporters explored six main themes:

  • Criminal Empires investigates how organized crime groups have fanned out around the globe, permeating economies, corrupting authorities, and expanding their reach across borders.
  • Narcotics Inc. looks at how criminal gangs are innovating and evolving their business models in the face of new economic incentives and opportunities for experimentation.
  • Drowning in Drugs dives into the murky world of commercial ports that have become a hotbed of criminal activity, from Antwerp and Rotterdam to Gioia Tauro, Guayaquil, Santa Marta, and Limón.
  • Dark Money investigates underground flows of illicit drug profits and the financial professionals who help enable these crimes.
  • Green Crimes exposes the environmental impact of organized crime, and how their activities are destroying wildlife, polluting rivers, and threatening protected areas.
  • Police and Thieves looks at the role of law enforcement agencies who are on the front lines in the fight against organized crime — but sometimes become part of the problem.

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