New – Oregon-based educational program cultivating licensed psilocybin facilitators


There’s nothing said about direct law & business related issues but we presume compliance in a number areas is an important part of what they are teaching


Earth Medicine Center say they do the following.

We have created this program from a place of deep humility and respect for the ancient, sacred intelligence encoded within plant medicines that comes directly from the womb of Mother Earth.  These medicines have profoundly touched our lives and now we walk this path to help reestablish right relations with all our relatives* and with ourselves.

(In our hearts, our relatives extend to all things sentient and not, across all aspects of the natural and cosmic realms, reverberating through time and space into the non-ordinary realities of everything that is inextricably interconnected. Psilocybin gives us the ability to remember ourselves as part of this greater whole and thus the opportunity to recalibrate our lives and our roles here on Earth.)

This program is rooted in Oregon, for Oregonians of all walks of life

Our work is informed and inspired by Indigenous tribes and communities of North and South America

We welcome and affirm the multitude of perspectives from all social locations, leaving our doors open to all who experience marginalization and wish to have a seat at the table

About Us

Our 20 student cohort will provide you with mentorship and connections in a close knit learning community.

We are a diverse, multigenerational faculty comprised of Black, Indigenous, Chicano, Latinx, Queer, multiracial, nonbinary, and nonconforming members who understand and value the intersection of western science and Indigenous wisdom.

Working with earth medicines over the years has deeply impacted our lives and inspired us to take action with humility. We feel an immense responsibility to create a learning community in which we can reimagine the circle of life, heal from our traumas, and bring beauty and harmony into each step of the life cycle.

Elizabeth Hoke, LMFT


Sovereign Oshumare, MA


Julio Iñiguez, LMFT


Pilar Hernández-Wolfe, PhD


Veronica Vargas, LPC


Evan Segura


Manape LaMere


Alissa Bazinet, Ph.D.


Mona Bhalla, ND


Adam Linder, MA


Alejandro Sanzon


Michelle Christensen, MA


Diana Justl, MA, LMFT


Santos Jamioy Muchavisoy, MA


Brian Hannah, MSW


Rosa Keam, LMFT


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