New Outfit Altum Looking To Raise $2Million To Capture Asia Pacific CBD Market

We received the following email in this morning which we thought might warrant a little further investigation.



So… who are Altum?

There is a website but it’s not overloaded with useful information


We do learn though that they are the people behind the CBD Cafe launch in Hong Kong

and that they are to foist upon Asian markets these products. We’d be interested to know how CBD products will go down in most (very conservative) asian jurisdictions. We can’t see them getting much of a head start in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan or mainland China with regulators and the Australian connection isn’t going to help much on the mainland currently

By our estimation that leaves HK, Taiwan and maybe South Korea.


In good Hong Kong style the website always reveals little about management so, as usual, we head off to Linked in for a little bit of background.

Our erstwhile leader (CEO & Director) is one Ean Alexander who tells us..

Altum is focused on Asian Pacific markets via investment in key market segments or opportunities, and is engaged in full-spectrum sales, distribution and marketing service, purpose-built for cannabinoid brands enabling safe and effectively access key markets.

We achieve this through strong industry and retailer relationships, agile turnkey logistics, and excellence in brand management and consumer engagement.

His background is Macquarie Bank ( think Australia’s Goldman Sachs) with a background in mining & resources and a spell at Little Green Pharma


Here’s his Linked in if you want to dig deeper


The company has, acccording to Linked In, 12 connected individuals .

One is a State Field Sales Manager- WA at Nestlé and previously at Red Bull, Michael Haymen which is interesting in itself as Nestle have just made a European play.

Nestle Muscle In On EU CBD Business

Are Altum looking for a Nestle buyout in the next 18 months?

Also we have…

Scott Thompson a Grain and Merino Sheep Farmer  from Broomehill, Western Australia. who says on his LI profile

As Head of Agriculture for Altum Connect, I lead our hemp growing/processing R&D activities and industry stakeholder engagement in Western Australia. 

See others at ( click on image)

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