New Publication: Best Practices for Developing a Reliable Supply Chain for Hemp Businesses

From Hemp Industry Daily…

he nascent U.S. hemp industry has not yet developed a mature, standard operating supply chain from seed to sale. Because there has been high value placed on hemp as a new commodity and its derived products, it is necessary for industry members to develop consistent processes for handling the production flow of goods and services.

In collaboration with our partner, Hemp Industries Association, we’d like to introduce our new special report on the hemp industry and its supply chain challenges, and how they can be overcome. The report explains what happens in each link of the supply network, the different needs of each component, and how each segment affects the previous and next link in the chain.

Farmers, processors, manufacturers, retailers, and hemp executives will use this guide to understand the current issues affecting the hemp chain and the changes the industry needs to see to improve the flow of product from field to consumer.

This report also includes information on developing a reliable hemp supply chain in each of these segments:

  • Input providers (seeds, growing media, equipment providers to  the farmer)
  • Farmers
  • Testing/grading/physical service providers
  • Processors
  • Transportation/distribution
  • Drying/Storage
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Retail
  • Consumer

Best Practices for Developing a Reliable Supply Chain for Hemp Businesses 2020


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