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With surging momentum across the legal cannabis landscape, it has become a strategic imperative for both cannabis and mainstream marketers, retailers, brands, investors and policymakers to fully understand the cannabis consumer and their behaviors.

To provide a better understanding of the burgeoning cannabis landscape, we have identified ten distinct consumer archetypes based on cannabis consumer attitudes in our latest report. Introducing a new benchmark of consumer intelligence at a critical period in the industry’s growth, this report provides in-depth analyses of consumption and purchasing habits, layered over social and demographic data, to inform and educate retailers, brands, investors and policymakers.

Some Key Report Findings:

  • Key insights for behavioral targeting: Wellness, relaxation and stress relief are cited as primary reasons for adult consumption.
  • Importance of product diversification: Consumption methods vary widely with 60% ingesting edibles over joints (49%), pipes (34%) and vaporizers (34%).
  • Capitalizing on demographic insight: The most lucrative cannabis consumers groups are between the ages of 21 and 35, twice as likely to use both flower and non-flower forms (e.g., edibles or vapes).
  • Opportunity for customer loyalty programs: Only 54% of brick-and-mortar and delivery service shoppers buy from the same business.

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