New Survey Shows Most Americans Wrongfully Assume CBD Products Are FDA Approved

The Observer (USA) writes…

Almost three quarters of American consumers presume CBD sales are being moderated by the government.

As Forbes first reported, a new survey conducted in October by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) found that 76% of adults assume cannabidiol (CBD) has the government’s stamp of approval. Furthermore, of the 2,056 subjects surveyed, 53% believed that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates CBD.

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Given the explosive popularity of hemp-derived products over the past year, the figure is somewhat unsurprising. And with the puzzling status of “decriminalized,” CBD consumers are increasingly seeing brands tout its therapeutic benefits.

“As with any new industry, educating the public is important,” explained Ken Lawson, CEO of GoGenics, the parent company of CBD supplements brand FOCL. He also noted that the public tends to be confused by the FDA’s role in regulating cannabis-related products, such as CBD. “The truth is that the FDA is not authorized to review dietary supplements, including CBD,” Lawson told Observer.

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