New West Conference Gets The Cannabis Virgin Funk !

At long last we don’t have either Henry (blah blah) Rollins or Vicente Fox talking about cannabis at a conference for once.

Yes we still have to hear, yet again, what Steve Angelo and some of the other usual suspects have to say.

But at least, as annoying as he can be, Branson gets to wax lyrical on the world of cannabis. Please though Richard, don’t give us the I started my business in a telephone box story again. It’s a little old and most millennials won’t actually know what a telephone box is.

George Clinton, yes please. Although the double bill would be,  Bill I never inhaled Clinton on the sax with GC bringing the funk.

Unfortunately conferences don’t have that inventiveness level and we presume  Bill is probably still rather pricey.




The New West Summit Will Help You Succeed In The Booming Cannabis Industry.

New West 3.0 is a conference focused exclusively on game-changing, disruptive developments in technology, investment and media in cannabis, and the content did not disappoint.

 With over 100 experts, speakers and panels over 3 days, attendees got up-to-date information about exactly where the industry is going, what’s needed to participate, and how to get ahead with advice and insight from the world’s top entrepreneurs, executives, investors and thought-leaders.

Fortunately for you, Green Flower Media was the EXCLUSIVE content partner for the event.

Which means we captured every session, every panel and every talk. Now you can access this wealth of invaluable content whenever you want for just $147 (normally $197) when you purchase by November 20th.

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Packed with cutting-edge information, innovation and insight about the blossoming cannabis industry, The New West Summit featured:

World-class speakers like Richard Branson, George ClintonJason Silva and Steve DeAngelo all talking about the future of cannabis.

 A look at what’s next for dispensaries, non-profits, venture-backed  startups, publicly traded companies and crowd-funding.

  Panels of active, accredited investors and successful entrepreneurs to talk about fundraising and venture capital in cannabis today.

 How technology is influencing extraction, cultivation, vaporizers, POS, CMS, and auditing systems, and more

  What’s coming next for compliance and the legal landscape to   help you future-proof your business model.

 What’s working now for cannabis marketing, focusing on: social media, digital, modern branding, editorial trends, the entry of  Fortune 500 brands into the space, and the normalization of  cannabis, and much more

The speakers represented the “who’s who” of cannabis today:

     •   Sir Richard Branson – Founder, The Virgin Group

     •   George Clinton – Founding Member of Parliament

     •   Dave Morin – Founder, Slow Ventures

     •   Jason Silva – Host of Brain Games on Nat Geo

     •   Roger McNamee – Founder, Elevation Partners

     •   Rick Barry – Former Pro NBA & Hall of Fame Athlete

     •   Steve DeAngelo – Harborside

     •   Mike Harden – Founder & Senior Partner, Big Rock

     •   Jim McAlpine – Founder, 420 Games, New West Summit

     •   Jared Mirsky – CEO / Founder, Wick & Mortar

     •   Josh Otten – Co-founder PRØHBTD Media

     •   Derek Riedle – Founder & Publisher, Civilized

     •   Alan Brochstein – Alan J. Brochstein, CFA

     •   Reggie Gaudino – VP, Science, Genetics and Intellectual Property

     •   Micheal Ray – Bloom Farms

     •   Roy Bingham – CEO & Founder, BDS Analytics

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